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Mixtapes/Live Sets

I HEAR COLOURS series (2008 – 2012)

  — 8 mixtapes encompassing the spectrum and spirit of the emerging behemoth that is electronic dance music (EDM).
  — The  ‘I Hear Colours’ series is my attempt to train and educate myself in sub-genres of EDM so that I can incorporate the spirit of each in live performances.  I wish to share this exploration with you,  enjoy!

  — All albums are Live recordings.

  — Progress: 8/8 complete: White Album (Chill Dub/Dubstep),  Blue Album (filthy house), Green Album(rave), Black Album(melodic dubstep filth), Purple Album(nu disco/ghetto house), Red Album(dubstep/d&b), Orange Album (Dirty Dance/House), Pink Album (pop dance/earliest work of the career).

White Album – Downtempo/Chill dub,dubstep, Soundscapes (POPULAR)


Blue Album – Filthy House (Hard House/Electro/Fidget/Glitch and more)


Green Album (Green Lady edition) – Rave (Trance/Techno/Electro)


Black Album (Sonic the Hedgehog Edition)  - Melodic Dubstep Filth(POPULAR)


Purple Album – NuDisco/Electro



Red Album – Dubstep/hint of d&b


Orange Album – Dirty Dance



Pink Album – Pop Dance





A.D.D. Series (2012)

This is a new series called A.D.D.. Shorter, 30 min mixes because all of us have ADD. The series starts proper with a reflection on the amazing style from my favorite producer – Egyptrixx!

Vol. 1 – Egyptian Beats




runKOKOrun! – Nu Disco, House, some Tech and Funk


For A Ball – Electro

Original Works……..

LUCID DREAMS  – Click Here



(Under Construction – much more unreleased work to come)

Eva Simons – Renegade (Dipped Noise’s Discovery Project Remix) – 2012


Hitz (Dipped Noise Edit/Remaster) – Chase & Status (Dillon Francis Remix) - 2012